Lab Services have Changed in Alberta

On December 5th, the province of Alberta underwent a significant transformation in the way it delivered laboratory services across the region. The primary objective of this initiative was to standardize and enhance patient care for all Albertans. To achieve this transition, DynaLIFE and Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) collaborated to implement a province-wide, harmonized lab services model. Under this new model, DynaLIFE focused on community lab services, while APL supported and focused on acute care lab services.

The Bulletin for Alberta Ordering Providers comprehensively discusses the impacts of the laboratory service transition on healthcare providers. This bulletin is the primary source of pivotal transition details for healthcare providers to use as a main resource.

Quick Links to More Information on the Transition Lab Services

Guidance for Physicians:

Changes to Community Services:

Changes to Testing:

DynaLIFE’s new Supply Ordering Portal for Physicians:

Change to Requestion Process for Mobile Collections:

New Add-On Test Process Change for Community Providers in Calgary and South Zone

As of May 6, 2023, DynaLIFE is now accepting add-on test requests through multiple channels from Calgary and South Zone community ordering providers. These include the new In Basket method (preferred), as well as the traditional options of sending a fax 403-770-3745 or calling 1-800-661-9876 and pressing #2 for Calgary & South Zone providers. Although this information was previously shared in a bulletin prior to Launch 6, we would like to emphasize its importance and minimize any uncertainty.

For community providers who are faxing their add-on test requests, please use the Lab Add-on/Order Modification requisition form, which can be found on the AHS Forms & Requisition page under Provincial Documents (All Zones). For community ordering providers NOT on Connect Care we encourage you to also utilize faxed requests as the preferred method to streamline the process.



What is Changing for Physicians?

Physicians in communities around the province will experience some changes as we implement this vision. The timing and nature of these changes will vary depending on where you practice; however, all physicians should be aware of the following changes.

For detailed information about updates to changes and impact to all ordering providers, please refer to Bulletin for Alberta Ordering Providers.



Changes to Community Services  


Changes in community services and routine community testing as of December 5, 2022:

  • As of December 5, APL-operated community Patient Service Centers (PSCs) in the North, Central, Edmonton, and Calgary Zones transitioned to DynaLIFE. 
  • In South Zone, this transition will take place on February 27, 2023.
  • With community patients being served at PSC locations, several hospitals across the province are no longer accepting community collections (routine as well as STAT community collections). This shift helps ensure hospital labs are able to focus on the emergency, in-patient and urgent needs of acute and ambulatory hospital patients. 
  • Patients can access lab collection services at any DynaLIFE Patient Service Centre (PSCs), which include existing DynaLIFE locations, collection sites transitioning from APL to DynaLIFE, and new locations that have opened or will be opening in several communities. 
  • DynaLIFE has also created new community requisitions. Updated physical requisition pads are available through the new supply order process (please see below Introduction of DynaLIFE’s new Supply Ordering Portal for Physicians) once launched in your community. Current requisitions are also available to print or download off our website, and we are working with various EMRs to revise requisitions available through that medium as well. Legacy requisitions are accepted for collection at all DynaLIFE locations.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION | South Zone Ordering Providers Reporting of Lab Testing Results

Alberta Precision Laboratories | Acute Care Hospital and Care Center Physicians and Staff: Bassano Brooks, Bow Island and Oyen Rural East - Changes in Testing Referred Out Specimens

Alberta Precision Laboratories | Acute Care Hospital and Care Center Physicians and Staff: South Zone Rural West - Changes in Testing Referred Out Testing

For more information about changes to the hospital specimen drop off process, please refer to the following Fact Sheet:

South Zone Fact Sheet Link

South Zone Key Contacts for Physicians

Please refer to information relevant for your zone!


Changes to Testing


DynaLIFE has built capacity at both the Edmonton Hub Lab and the Calgary Hub Lab to both result more tests and to support a revised test menu for community-based testing from rural communities and regional hospitals.

More information about changes to testing  is provided in the Bulletin for Alberta Ordering Providers and our Test Directory


Important Bulletins related to the transition have been circulated see below to find out more:

South Zone | Bulletin: New Method and Specimen Collection for Trichomonas vaginalis testing

South Zone | Bulletin: Replacement of Amies Swabs with ESwabs in South Zone

Calgary Zone | Bulletins:  Replacement of Amies Swabs with Eswabs in Calgary Zone

North and Central | Bulletin: Molecular Assay for Trichomonas vaginalis, Transition to ESwabs, and Specimen Collection for Urine Culture (only applicable to testing sent to DynaLIFE)

Please refer to information relevant for your zone!


Introduction of DynaLIFE’s new Supply Ordering Portal for Physicians:

DynaLIFE has developed a new, Supply Ordering Portal ( that will facilitate ordering and delivery of in-clinic collection supplies to physicians across the province. 

The new web-based Supply Ordering Portal is built on a robust platform and offers an easy-to-use interface to improve user experience.​

The new system has been launched in a phased approach across the province:

  1. December 5, 2022, North and Central Zone moved to the new Supply Ordering Portal
  2. February 27, 2023: Calgary and South Zone will move to the Supply Ordering Portal

Calgary Zone | South Zone – Watch your clinic mailbox for your login creditals letter arriving by post in the second part of February 2023.​

The lab collection supplies available via DynaLIFE Supply Ordering Portal are based on a standardized provincial inventory list developed for this purpose. The list should be similar what you have been ordering with either Cardinal Health or AHS/APL.



For more information about transition to the new Supply Portal please refer to the following Fact Sheets:

Calgary Zone Fact Sheet

South Zone Fact Sheet

North Zone Fact Sheet

Central Zone Fact Sheet

Please refer to information relevant for your zone!


Upcoming Change to Requestion Process for Mobile Collections:


On December 5, 2022, DynaLIFE started supporting North, Edmonton, Central and Calgary Zones with mobile collections. 


On February 27, 2023, South Zone mobile collections will also transition to DynaLIFE.


In many cases, mobile collections will still be performed on site by APL collectors, but DynaLIFE will be responsible for receiving mobile collections requisitions and organizing the collection date at locations across the province.


The mobile collection requisition process for physicians and health care professionals at clinics and health facilities across the province will remain largely the same.


Requisitions for mobile collections across the province will be sent by fax to DynaLIFE instead of the APL number. 


Mobile Collections Fax and Other Contact Numbers

North, Central, & Edmonton Zones 
**includes: Didsbury, High River, and Vulcan 

South Zone | Starting Feb 27, 2023

FAX: (780) 452–5294


Fax to an Email:

Calgary Zone (ONLY) fax number

FAX (403) 777–5222

Contact our Mobile Collections Team

Call (780) 453–9440


For more information about changes to the requisition process for Mobile Collections, please refer to the following Fact Sheet:

South Zone Fact Sheet Link

Please refer to information relevant for your zone!


Introduction of a New Provincial Appointment Booking System:


On December 5, 2022, patients across the province moved to DynaLIFE’s Q.Me Appointment Booking System - a single, province-wide booking system for all laboratory testing services at

With the transition to a province-wide booking system, the “Time Sensitive Lab Booking” feature for Calgary Zone, on the APL website was discontinued. 

Ordering providers will have the following options to book appointments for their patients: 

  • Call the dedicated appointment booking line for ordering providers to be added to the front of the booking queue
    • Dial 1-877-702-4486 then press 7 on menu 
  • Direct their patient to use the Q.Me booking system. For more patient information booking an appointment Click Here.
  • If ordering providers have questions, they will be able to call the appointment booking line
    • Dial 1-877-702- 4486 (dial number then press 7 on menu). 

For more information on the transition to the new laboratory services model and its impacts to health care providers please see Bulletin for Alberta Ordering Providers.