Mobile Collections: Information for Community Ordering Providers

Information on Patient eligibility for mobile collections.

Mobile collection requisitions can be downloaded from our website

For assistance in correctly completing a requisition with all necessary information click here.

Mobile Collection Over-the-Phone Support:

• North Zone • Edmonton Zone • Central Zone • South Zone:

Support Number: (780) 453-9440

• Calgary Zone:

Support Number: (403) 770-3351

Where to send a Mobile collection Order by fax or email:

RegionFAX NumberSubmit by Email
North Zone(780) 452–
Edmonton Zone(780) 452–5294
Central Zone Zone(780) 452–5294
Calgary Zone(403) 777–5222
South Zone(780) 452–5294

Processing Mobile collection Orders

  1. To process lab orders, we require requisitions to be submitted 2-days prior to the scheduled collection date. (For example, submit your request to our mobile collections team by Monday, 12:00pm for a Wednesday collection time).

  2. Submitted orders require a coversheet, which provides all the ordering provider’s contact information necessary for any troubleshooting/follow up.

  3. If you require a collection to be scheduled on a specific day, please indicate your preference on your fax coversheet or the requisition itself. We will work to accommodate all requests and will notify you if we are unable to comply.

  4. It is important to make sure all lab orders are complete with:

  5. Correct Patient demographics necessary for a collection, as well as the physician’s name with their Connect Care provider ID and the location’s submitter ID.

  6. The patient’s full home address or facility where they are to be collected. Incomplete or incorrect addresses will be considered major deficiency and could prevent service.


Please complete and fax the Requisition to 780-452-5294.


Download Requisitions


All test orders (both original and any changes) must originate from the primary care physician. 


Minimum requisition entry requirements 

General Requisition Completion Aid

For home collections, if applicable, please include name and telephone number of alternate contact on the requisition.

Tube guide for home care

Order of Draw — Blood specimens

Tests that cannot be collected using the Laboratory Home Collections Service 

Some tests cannot be collected in a home environment because special collection or processing equipment is required or specimens must be tested immediately due to limited specimen stability.