Result Inquiries for Medical Professionals


Client Response Centres are located at the Base Laboratory in Edmonton, and the Diagnostic Scientific Centre (DSC) in Calgary. These centres offer the following services for ordering providers:
•    Information on specimen collection procedures
•    Test ordering information
•    Physician generated result inquiries
•    Changes to test orders


To contact a Client Response Centre, please call 1-800-661-9876, and choose one of the following options from the automated menu:
•    For the Calgary Zone or South press 2
•    For Edmonton, Red Deer or any community in North or Central Zones, press 3


If a patient wishes to release results to a healthcare provider not specified on the original test request order (requisition), the following form must be completed and submitted: Authority to release results. Authorization to release results to other parties, not specified on the original test order, cannot be done over the phone by a patient.

We encourage patients to obtain test results through their primary care physician, so an appropriate interpretation of results is clearly communicated. 
Patients may also access results from My Health Records