Microbiology tests that can be requested as stat:

  • Cerebral spinal fluid culture (CSF)
  • Gram stain
  • Vitreous eye culture

When ordering a stat microbiology test:

  1. Place a STAT sticker on the requisition next to the test requested stat
  2. Ensure a contact telephone number is on the requisition

When packaging a stat microbiology test:

  • Label specimen with STAT sticker
  • Package in green biohazard bag
  • Ensure requisition with contact telephone number is sent with the specimen
  • Telephone specimen processing department at (780-451-3702 or toll free at 800-661-9876) and provide the following information:
    • Patient name
    • Stat microbiology test requested
    • Mode of transportation

Transportation of stat microbiology test:

  • Hospitals in the Edmonton zone, use regular courier if a pick up is scheduled within 30 minutes
  • In Edmonton zone, use taxi if there is no courier pick up scheduled in the next 30 minutes
  • Outside Edmonton zone, use expedited transportation that is available

Reporting of results:

  • Preliminary results will be telephoned to the number provided on the requisition as soon as available
  • Gram stain results are available within 1 hour of receipt at microbiology laboratory