The COVID-19 Travel Testing website gathers information that is required for testing and travel. You will be asked for information, such as, flight date and time, passport information, address, and credit card information. Everything that is printed on the results certificate that you receive has been requested by the airlines or known destination countries.

You must complete four separate forms to book one appointment: Flight Information form, Traveler Information form, Appointment Information form, and Payment form. As you complete the required information on each form, you can move through the forms until you reach the Payment form. You must complete the payment process to receive your requisition and appointment information. You must print your requisition and bring it with you to your collection appointment.

Each person who is traveling requires a separate certificate. If four people are traveling, you will need to book four separate appointments, and enter each traveler's information as the appointments are booked. On the payment screen, you can use one credit card for all four tests, but you must enter each traveler's name on the Traveler Information form.


You will need the following to complete the forms and book an appointment:

  • Each traveler's flight information (airline, flight number, departure time)
  • Each traveler's passport information
  • Each traveler's home address
  • A valid email address that will receive confimations, instructions, requisitions, results
  • A credit card


Email with any questions or issues.


Click the Form Name Below for Help with the Fields.


Screening Information

Flight Information

Traveler Information

Appointment Information

Travel Summary/Payment Information