DynaLIFE transportation representatives pick up and deliver laboratory specimens, laboratory reports, collection supplies and blood products.

Our transportation schedule includes medical clinics, hospitals, extended care facilities and patient care centres.

To have your office or facility added to our schedule, or for more information on current schedules, please call DynaLIFE Transportation at (780) 451-3702 ext. 8117.

Companies requesting uninsured services testing (e.g. employement related, insurance related, naturopathic) are responsible for transport to DynaLIFE of the specimens that they collect. Use of an overnight courier is recommended.

Homecare nurses within the area serviced by DynaLIFE home collections must call DynaLIFE home collections office at 780-451-3702 before collecting the specimens to arrange for transportation.

DynaLIFE transportation representatives are fully trained in the transport of laboratory specimens using appropriate containers as required by the Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDG).

Interesting facts:

  • DynaLIFE transportation department is one of the largest courier services in Edmonton
  • Our vehicles travel over 1.3 million kilometres each year