The DynaLIFE specialized Quality department works collaboratively with all other laboratory departments to ensure our commitment to quality is ongoing and measurable. The Quality team objectively and systematically monitors and evaluates quality, accuracy, reliability, and service throughout the organization. Various services are also extended to DynaLIFE external clients.

Quality is rigorously scrutinized by gathering and evaluating key quality indicator data such as:

  • measurement of turn-around times
  • compilation of workload statistics
  • compilation and analysis of occurrence report data
  • administration and evaluation of client satisfaction surveys
  • performance of internal audits of each department to ensure appropriate standards and guidelines are followed as outlined by external accreditation bodies
  • analysis of statistics on specimen adequacy, labelling and transportation
  • participation in benchmarking and peer comparison programs that allow evaluation of performance in specific areas relative to similar laboratories, and to our own previous performance

The Quality department coordinates participation in a full range of internal and external quality control programs, facilitates accreditation processes, oversees procedure manual development and document control, and participates in comprehensive process reviews. These services are also available to external clients to assist in maintenance of quality services. The staff in this department are champions for quality by promoting good laboratory practice and by advocating that established policies and procedures are adhered to at all times throughout the laboratory.

DynaLIFE is committed to continuous improvement for our clients and for our patients. The Quality department plays an integral role by assessing the information gathered and identifying trends, problem areas and opportunities for improvement. The Quality team initiates process improvement and works with all other areas of the laboratory to ensure that quality is built into our processes.

DynaLIFE dynamic Quality Management Plan is responsive to the changing needs of our clients and to advancements in the field of Quality. All of our quality initiatives contribute to proven reliable test results, superior service and ongoing performance improvement.