Symposium 2013 Program


Laboratory system in Alberta

Jason Pincock, CMA (CEO DynaLIFE)

Role of DynaLIFE in Alberta

Norma Page, MBA, MLT, ASc (VP Clinical Operations DynaLIFE)

Information & technology: Tools for the future 

Roxanne Bunyan, BSc (MLS), MLT (VP Quality, Science & InformaticsDynaLIFE)


Basic hematology testing and interpretation

Gwen Clarke, MD, FRCPC

What can the CBC and reticulocyte count tell you about which tests to do next? How can the peripheral blood film help you decide what to do next, and when you should order one?

Basic coagulation testing and interpretation

Gwen Clarke, MD, FRCPC

Coagulation in the 21st century: When is a PT or PTT useful and what do the results mean? What other coagulation tests should I order, and when?

Laboratory testing in patients on novel oral anticoagulants

Artur Szkotak, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Why is a pathologist calling me at this hour?

Andrea Macyk-Davey, MD, FRCPC

Clinical Biochemistry

Celiac disease 

Celiac disease 

Karina Capote, MD, PhD, FCACB

Celiac disease is one of the commonly self-diagnosed diseases. How can the laboratory help to make the correct diagnosis?


Allergy testing 

Kareena Schnabl, PhD, FCACB

Allergy testing

The RAST test is obsolete and no longer available. What should I order instead knowing there are over 200 allergy tests available?


Diabetes mellitus 

Trefor Higgins, MSc, FCACB

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is the fastest growing disease in North America. How can I ensure that I am using the best tests to diagnose and monitor diabetes mellitus?


When are test results significantly different?

Trefor Higgins, MSc, FCACB

When are test results significantly different?

Sometimes when I repeat a laboratory test the result is much different from the first time and I am unsure if this is laboratory error or just patient variation.  How close can I expect the laboratory values to be?


Serum protein electrophoresis

Karina Capote, MD, PhD, FCACB

Serum protein electrophoresis

What are the indications for ordering this expensive, time consuming test and are there better alternatives?


Drug testing

Penny Colbourne, PhD, DABFT

Drug testing

Is it really useful to test for the presence of drugs in patients presenting at the office?


Anatomic Pathology

What’s taking so long to get the pathology report? 

Karim Khetani, MBBS, FCAP

What's taking so long to get the pathology report?

This session describes the pre-analytic stages of specimen processing including fixation, decalcification, grossing and tissue processing. Also discussed are the approach towards rendering diagnosis, expected turnaround time for different specimen classes and reasons for reporting delays.


This is a surprise, it does not jive with my clinical impression

Karim Khetani, MBBS, FCAP

This is a surprise, it does not jive with my clinical impression

There are many steps between collection of a specimen and reporting of results where things can go wrong leading to potentially misleading reports.


Getting the most out of requesting a laboratory test 

Pauline Alakija, MD, FRCPC, MSc

Getting the most out of requsting a laboratory test

The importance of providing relevant clinical history on the requisition.



Multi-drug resistant Gram negative bacilli 

Jasmine Ahmed-Bentley, MD, FRCPC

Multi-drug resistant Gram negative bacilli

This session will present the epidemiology, mechanisms of resistance and laboratory reporting for commonly encountered and clinically relevant MDR-GNB.


Urine culture: When is it a valuable diagnostic test and what are its important limitations

Shobhana Kulkarni, MBBS, MSc, FRCPath, FRCPC

Urine culture: When is it a valuable diagnostic test and what are its important limitations

Overview of indications for submitting urine for culture and how to ensure proper collection, labeling, storage and transport in order to obtain the most accurate result for the patient.


What’s new in the diagnosis of vaginitis in Alberta? 

Mao-Cheng Lee, MD, CM, FRCPC

What's new in the diagnosis of vaginitis in Alberta?

Review of the updated Alberta indications for BV and vaginal yeast culture as well as introducuction for clinicians to new diagnostic methods for Trichomoniasis to be made available in the province.


Laboratory diagnosis of wound infections: Getting the most from the laboratory report

Bob Verity, MD, FRCPC

Laboratory diagnosis of wound infections: Getting the most from the laboratory report

Review of the optimal wound specimen collection process and the laboratory diagnosis of wound infections will be presented including information on specific pathogens.


Innovative Programs & Solutions for 
Physicians & Patients

Technology solutions & patient care 

Eric Janzen, BCom & Jared Teare, BSc

Technology solutions & patient care

Discuss the pre-analytic laboratory-physician/patient interface points with a focus on current DynaLIFEtechnological improvement projects.


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Symposium 2013 Speaker Biographies


Raymond Lai, MD, FRCPC, Medical Director(
Dr. Raymond Lai took on the role of medical director at DynaLIFE in November 2010. Dr. Lai obtained his MD and PhD degrees and completed his general pathology residency training at the University of Alberta. He then completed a hematopathology fellowship at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California. Dr. Lai also runs an active research laboratory at the University of Alberta.

Jason Pincock, CMA, Chief Executive Officer(
Jason has been with DynaLIFE since its inception in 1996. Jason has spent the last eight years working closely with executives within government and industry to structure and support new and innovative service models for healthcare. Jason is a certified management accountant, a graduate of the Queens Executive Program and a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Norma Page, MBA, MLT, Asc, VP Clinical Operations(
Norma is a medical laboratory professional with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of laboratory operations and finance management.  
Norma joined DynaLIFE in 2011, coming from LifeLabs in British Columbia where she held the position of director of operations, analytical services. Norma holds a master of business administration degree specializing in finance from Heriot-Watt University.

Roxanne Bunyan, BSC (MLS), MLT, VP Quality, Science & Informatics(
Roxanne is a medical laboratory technologist with more than 30 years of experience in laboratory operations, management, administration, consulting, accreditation, and quality systems. She has been a member of the DynaLIFE senior executive team since 2002 and currently holds the position of vice president, quality, science, & informatics. Roxanne’s responsibilities include overseeing information technologies and laboratory information systems (LIS), quality systems, scientific affairs, and privacy at DynaLIFE

Vern McCann, MD, FRCP, Associate Medical Director(
Dr. Vern McCann completed his undergraduate education, MD and residency in general pathology all at the University of Alberta. He has been the associate medical director at DynaLIFE since 2003.

Gwen Clarke, MD, FRCPC (
Dr. Clarke is a hematopathologist in Edmonton, based at the Royal Alexandra hospital.

Artur Szkotak, MD, PhD, FRCPC(
Dr. Art Szkotak was appointed as an assistant professor in the division of hematopathology at the University of Alberta in 2009. He did his medical, postgraduate and doctoral training in Edmonton. He currently works at the University of Alberta Hospital where he has a particular interest in the coagulation laboratory.

Andrea Macyk-Davey, MD, FRCPC(
Dr. Macyk-Davey is a general pathologist at DynaLIFE and the Grey Nuns Community Hospital. Her practice includes anatomic pathology, hematopathology and transfusion medicine, and she has a special interest in laboratory utilization.

Karina Capote, MD, PhD, FCACB (
Karina obtained her medical degree from Havana University, Cuba and a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario (2005). She completed post-doctoral training in clinical biochemistry at McMaster University and Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program (2009) and obtained certification in clinical chemistry by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (2010). Karina has extensive exposure to the environment of a standardized core laboratory and specialty laboratories.

Kareena Schnabl, PhD, FCACB (
Kareena has obtained the following: FCACB (Clinical Chemistry), University of Toronto, PhD (Experimental Medicine), University of Alberta, MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Certificate (Higher Education Teaching), University of Manitoba, BSc (Pharmacology), University of Alberta. Kareena’s areas of interest include clinical immunology, nutrition, therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, and point of care testing

Trefor Higgins, MSc, FCACB (
Trefor Higgins was educated at universities in the United Kingdom and Canada. He was elected a fellow by special distinction of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and is a clinical professor in the department of laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta. He has received several awards for his teaching and has lectured on every continent except Africa and Antarctica.

Penny Colbourne, PhD, DABFT(
Dr. Penny Colbourne is a clinical toxicologist working in the toxicology laboratory at the University of Alberta Hospital and is a clinical professor at the University of Alberta in the faculty of medicine and dentistry. She has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and is a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Toxicology.

Karim Khetani, MBBS, FCAP (
Dr. Khetani is an anatomical pathologist by training. He holds fellowships in cytopathology and oncological pathology.  His areas of practice include surgical pathology and cytopathology. He is the director of anatomic pathology at DynaLIFE.

Pauline Alakija, MD, FRCPC, MSc (
Dr. Pauline Alakija works for DynaLIFE in Edmonton, Alberta. She is board member in anatomic and forensic pathology, and has her FRCPC in anatomical pathology.  She obtained a master’s degree in medical education in 2009. Currently, she is a board certified member of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA). Within Alberta Health Services, she is the medical/scientific lead for cancer pathology (rural/regional) and the medical chair of the anatomical pathology network.

Jasmine Ahmed-Bentley, MD, FRCPC 
Dr. Ahmed-Bentley completed medical school and medical microbiology residency at the University of Alberta. She has been working at DynaLIFE for 5 years. Her special interest is in antimicrobial resistance.

Shobhana Kulkarni, MBBS, MSc, FRCPath, FRCPC(
Dr. Shobhana Kulkarni is a medical microbiologist who has been working atDynaLIFE for 6 years. She previously trained and worked in London, England. She has an interest in promoting antimicrobial stewardship and microbiology test utilization.

Mao-Cheng Lee, MD, CM, FRCPC, Associate Medical Director (
Dr. M.C. Lee obtained his MD from McGill University School of Medicine and then completed residencies in internal medicine and combined infectious diseases/medical microbiology at the University of Alberta. Dr. Lee’s practice and interests lie in the areas of bacteriology, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and antibiograms, international health and development of affordable diagnostic tools for use in developing countries.

Bob Verity, MD, FRCPC (
Dr. Bob Verity obtained his MD from the University of Saskatchewan and completed a residency in medical microbiology at the University of Alberta. He has been working at DynaLIFE for 13 years and is currently director of microbiology and co-medical safety officer at DynaLIFE.

Eric Janzen, BCom (
Eric Janzen is an information technology professional with almost 2 decades of experience in the IT industry in Edmonton. He has architected solutions for such companies as the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, Enbridge, and of course DynaLIFE.  During the last 5 years at DynaLIFE, Eric has been instrumental in designing and developing our solutions for online booking, wait time management, requisition scanning and retrieval, home collections information systems, and our specimen tracking system - SPECTRE. Eric currently holds the position of manager, IT development at DynaLIFE.

Jared Teare, BSc (
Jared is the manager of patient care services at DynaLIFE, overseeing the operation of 33 patient care centres across northern Alberta, as well as a mobile collections fleet operating in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Jared worked for 7 years in the biotechnology field before joining DynaLIFE management team in 2009. Jared holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta, with specialization in biochemistry.