28-September-2018 Operational Update — Restructuring of Molecular Pathology Edmonton Zone

14-September-2018 Operational Update — New Revised Pathology Documents Available for Use

14-September-2018 Operational Update — Provincial Health and Safety Manual Document Update

14-September-2018 Operational Update — Provincial Quality Manual Document Update

7-September-2018 Operational Update — Softech Downtime Possible Softech Downtime September-18-2018

31-August-2018 Operational Update — Repatriation of CRP testing within North East Central Zone

31-August-2018 Operational Update — Discontinuation of the non-blood MRSA surveillance program in Alberta at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (Provlab)

24-August-2018 Operational Update — New GLS South (Calgary) DNA Extraction Process

10-August-2018 Operational Update — Discontinuation of Anti-Hu-Yo-Ri (HUYO) Screening in Edmonton Zone

10-August-2018 Operational Update — Amylase Order for Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) Loctions

20-July-2018 Operational Update — BNP Availability in Edmonton Zone

19-July-2018 Operational Update — Glypican 3 Immunohistochemistry Stain Now Available in the EZIHC Lab

12-June-2018 Operational Update — Format Change for Electron Microscopy Images for Edmonton Zone Anatomical Pathology

12-June-2018 Operational Update — Hazardous Medications

12-June-2018 Operational Update — New/Revised Pathology Documents Available for Use

12-June-2018 Operational Update — STAT6 Immunohistochemistry Stain Now Available in the EZIHC Lab