09-December-2011 Bulletin - New Serology Assay for HTLV-I/II at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

02-December-2011 Bulletin - Serology Screening for HIV - Laboratory Report Comments from Testing Performed at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

01-December-2011 Bulletin - Introduction of Province Wide Reflex Testing for High-Risk HPV Types

29-November-2011 Bulletin - AHS Patient Pay Laboratory Testing Update

14-November-2011 Bulletin - National Shortage of HTLV I/II Serology Kits - Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

10-November-2011 Bulletin - Update of Guide to Services at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

10-November-2011 Memo - Audiometry and Pulmonary Function Services at DynaLIFEDx Patient Care Centres

01-November-2011 Bulletin - Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Availability

Prothrombin Complex Concentrate Clinical Information

28-October-2011 Bulletin - Centralization of Laboratory Testing for Allergens

21-October-2011 Bulletin - Hepatitis B Virus Load Detection Limits Change at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

06-October-2011 Bullein - Lactate Reference Range and Critical Value Standardization

04-October-2011 Bulletin - Hepatitis C Genotype Testing Change at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

30-September-2011 Bulletin - Routine Laboratory Test Requests in Edmonton Zone Hospital Based Laboratories

23-September-2011 Memorandum - Auramine Rhodamine (AR) Slide Staining and Reporting Transfer of Services

22-September-2011 Bulletin - Neisseria gonorrhoea and Chlamydia trachomatis Nucleic Acid Test Changes at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

15-September-2011 Bulletin - Clinical Molecular Pathology and Immunohistochemistry Laboratory Service Consolidations

01-September-2011 Bulletin - Change to Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Test Method and Testing Laboratory in the Former Peace Country Health Region Sites

22-August-2011 Bulletin - Reminder of Policy for Acceptance of Laboratory Samples and Test Request

18-August-2011 Bulletin - Anti-GAD65 and Anti-insulin Tests Implemented at University of Alberta Hospital Biochemistry Laboratory as of September 15, 2011 and Reverse T3 Test Discontinued

15-August-2011 Bulletin - Centralization of Laboratory Testing for Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (ATTG

12-July-2011 Bulletin - Molecular Pathology - Change in Specimen Collection Tube Type for 3 Test

21-June-2011 Bulletin - Vancomycin Range Change - Provincial Standardization

09-June-2011 Bulletin - HIV, HCV and HBV serology testing

08-June-2011 Bulletin - Shiga toxin - producing Escherichia coli Testing Requests

31-May-2011 Bulletin - West Nile Virus Diagnostic Testing Update for 2011

West Nile Virus Screening 2011

Interpretation of West Nile Virus Results 2011 Update

Arbovirus Patient History Form

26-May-2011 Bulletin - Trough (Pre-dose) Vancomycin Target Range Change

25-May-2011 Bulletin Revised - Specimen Acceptance Policy

17-May-2011 Bulletin - AHS Communication of Laboratory Results

13-May-2011 Bulletin - Genetic Testing Appeal Process

11-May-2011 Bulletin - Specimen Acceptance Policy

19-April-2011 Bulletin - Unusual Vancomycin Measurements

18-April-2011 Bulletin - Change in PTT Reference and PTT Heparin Therapeutic Ranges at Edmonton Zone Inpatient Sites

14-April-2011 Bulletin - 2010 Antibiograms for the University of Alberta nd Stollery Children's Hospitals

29-March-2011 Bulletin - 2010 Antibiograms for the Edmonton Zone (excluding University of Alberta and Stollery Children's Hospitals) and Northern Lights Health Centre (Fort McMurray)

28-March-2011 Bulletin - CA 19-9 and Celiac Confirmatory Testing

24-March-2011 Bulletin - Centralization of Laboratory Testing for Homocysteine, Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEAS) and Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) at DynaLIFEDx

23- March-2011 Bulletin - Changes in Serologic Testing for Hepatitis A virus (HAV) at the Provincial Laboratory

15-March-2011 Bulletin - Complete Blood Count and WBC Differential Reporting (CBC and CBCD)

28-February-2011 Bulletin - Modification of Viral Testing on Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Samples at the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health

16-February-2011 Bulletin - Collection and Handling of Tissue Submitted for Suspect Lymphoma

Clinician Guidelines for the Submission of Tissue for Suspect Lymphoma

03-January-2011 Letter - Transition to ESwab at DynaLIFEDx

ESwab How to Use Guide